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New Multiplex Diarrhoea Test Allows 15 Bacteria, Toxin & Viruses to be Detected Simultaneously

MAST Group is pleased to announce the launch of the new CE-marked Seeplex Diarrhoea multiplex PCR test from Seegene.

Working direct from stool samples, the test is able to simultaneously detect viral and bacterial (including toxin) pathogens in just 5 hours. The kit can be used as a whole or as 3 individual panels:

Viral Bacterial 1 Bacterial 2
Rotavirus Salmonella spp. C.perfringens
Norovirus G I Shigella spp. Y.enterocolitica
Norovirus G II Campylobacter spp. Aeromonas spp.
Enteric Adenovirus Vibrio spp. E.coli O157:H7
Astrovirus C.difficile Toxin B VTEC

This new kit offers a unique and exciting opportunity for laboratories to revolutionise the way they screen stool samples for pathogens - potentially paving the way for culture media-free testing. This would offer great benefits in terms of turn-around and hands on time, as well reducing the space needed to store, inoculate and incubate routine culture plates. Additionally, it offers a single molecular assay for screening of the most common viral pathogens.

The diarrhoea kit is the latest in the Seeplex range that already offers multiplex assays for, amongst others, respiratory viruses, pneumobacter and STI detection. The growing portfolio of products allows MAST to offer laboratories a single platform for multiple molecular parameters.

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Posted on September 4, 2009