New Flexus TVH Incorporates Tube and Vial Handling

The Anachem Flexus is a modular, upgradeable laboratory automation platform that can be configured to enable walk away functionality for virtually any protocol. Now, with the addition of advanced Tube & Vial Handling capabilities, in the new Flexus TVH model, its capabilities are increased even further.

The Flexus TVH Tube Gripper moves tubes and vials from one area of the working deck to another, to access different peripheral devices at various stages of your protocol. The TVH Capping/Decapping Unit removes and replaces screw caps as required for addition/removal of reagents/samples whilst protecting your materials from evaporation or contamination.

Other new additions to the Flexus platform include a balance to enable the addition of liquid based on mass to improve pipetting specifications for viscous liquids. Other applications include sample dissolution and dilution to pre-determined concentrations. The integration of a Covaris Adaptive Focused Acoustic device enables isothermal mixing, dissolution and disruptive processes to be applied to many sample types. This feature brings added advantages for the use of Flexus in Compound Management.

All Flexus models can incorporate a range of peripheral devices such as a plate gripper, centrifuge, vacuum station, plate reader & washer, nondispenser etc. These can all be fully integrated to automate an extensive range of molecular biology protocols, protein precipitation, plate based assays etc. The choice of 1, 2, 4 or 8 flexi-span probes and tip options lets you customise Flexus to your exact needs. Innovative annular gear pumps provide accurate and precise pipetting for all your liquid handling applications.

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Posted on October 30, 2008