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New Anachem SupaFil™ Sterile Bottle Top Filters

SupaFil Sterile bottle Top Filters
Suitable for a wide range of larger volume filtration applications, the new line of Anachem SupaFil™ vacuum driven Bottle Top Filters are economical and easy to use. They provide a fast, effective and safe means to filter a variety of samples and are particularly useful for tissue/cell culture media preparation.

SupaFil offers four different membrane options (PVDF, PES, MCE or Nylon) each available in 0.22µm or 0.45µm membrane pore sizes. You can also choose from three volumes: 125, 250 or 500mL.

These gamma sterilized, non-pyrogenic bottle top filters are lightweight but have a robust wall construction with engraved graduations. The ergonomic design and large knurls on the reservoir bottle cap enable easy adjustment. The hose connector design suits a variety of hose diameters. Each SupaFil unit is individually wrapped and bears a specific lot number.

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Posted on October 20, 2008