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DRIFTCON® - Personal Measurement System for All Your Thermal Cyclers

The success of your PCR reaction is dependent on the functionality of your Cycler. No two thermal cyclers function identically but periodic and continuous validation with DRIFTCON offers a convenient and easy means to check if PCR tests are working within predetermined parameters. The DRIFTCON system is a mobile, personal measurement device that you can use daily, weekly or monthly to monitor the performance and temperature drift of your thermal cyclers. Detailed knowledge of your cycler´s true temperature performance can enable adjustments for improved yields and use of fewer reagents - saving time and costs.

DRIFTCON measures temperature accuracy- deviation of the actual block temperature from the set temperature. It also monitors uniformity - the spread of the temperature between wells on the same block. It can also provide data on the speed, or ramp rate, at which the cycler changes temperature and report on any under or overshoots - all significant factors affecting the success of your PCR reactions.

Because DRIFTCON profiles the temperature performance for the entire block, and knows the hottest and coolest positions, it offers a further benefit - automatic calculation of the optimum wells for your positive and negative controls. Just run DRIFTCON, place your positive and negative controls in the identified wells and you can be confident that all your samples will be processed within the average temperature range for your cycler.

Every temperature measurement profile, regardless of the model or manufacturer of thermal cycler, is performed using standardised and prescribed temperature protocols, enabling the comparison of results and any deviation from protocol standards. DRIFTCON temperature results are analysed and reported through an automated process, prohibiting any alterations of the acquired sample data, helping you keep a record of all your results.

Go to www.pipetteservice.co.uk or call + 44 (0) 1582 745080 to request your FREE demonstration and see for yourself how DRIFTCON can improve your PCR results.

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Posted on June 6, 2008