ScreenTape® Allows Rapid Analysis of Mycoplasma PCR for Efficient Screening of Cultured Cell Lines

The ScreenTape® System, developed by Lab90 and distributed by Anachem, employs a unique microscale polymer tape that contains all the reagents required for DNA electrophoresis. It brings major advantages of convenience, ease of use and safety to molecular biologists as absolutely no handling of gels and buffers is required.

The compact, fully automated ScreenTape® instrument replaces the need for hand-cast gels, buffers, gel tanks and gel-doc systems. In just under 10 minutes the system loads the samples, runs the gel, images and presents the fully analysed results (including gel picture, band sizes and quantitative data).This ensures accuracy, reproducibility and traceability. The system is fully bar-coded to meet GLP guidelines and data is archived for easy retrieval and comparison.

The ScreenTape system streamlines PCR screening of tissue culture S/N for Mycoplasma spp. Lengthy gel electrophoresis analysis is replaced with a 10 minute, automated, hands-free analysis step without any reagent or gel preparation. GLP cell line results are immediately archived thanks to the tailored GeneTools™ software.

Advantages of using ScreenTape for Mycoplasma PCR analysis
The ScreenTape system allows significant time saving for Mycoplasma PCR analysis, by providing a fully automated, walk-away solution. No reagent preparation is needed and the use of Ethidium Bromide is eliminated. Data on the presence or absence of Mycoplasma for each cell line is automatically archived and easily retrieved. GLP-grade reports can be saved and printed following a one-click procedure.

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Posted on April 17, 2008