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Anachem Launches New Improved Website

Browsing and ordering online just got even easier

Anachem Ltd has announced the launch of its completely new website at www.anachem.co.uk Based on customer feedback numerous enhancements have been made, including, a much more effective search engine, easy online catalogue navigation and improved online ordering functionality.

Forever striving to make online information access and ordering as easy and stress-free as possible, Anachem's new website enables you to see your basket clearly at all times, displaying a full list of it's contents, individual prices, online savings and total cost. There are a number of technical downloads available and in-depth information on products, to ensure that users have all the information needed to make an informed decision. Additionally, stock information is displayed to inform the user if an item is in or out of stock, and when the product will be available.

Another advantage to Anachem's new website is that prices can be viewed in both sterling and euros. Registered users benefit from being able to view prices in their relevant currency along with receiving any relevant specific institute discounted prices. Once logged in these are displayed along with both the list and web offer prices ensuring that you receive the best possible deal at all times.

Checking out is simple; choose to either pay by credit card or by 30 day invoice with a purchase order number. Plus VAT exempt orders are possible with both payment methods. Once the order is complete a unique reference number is supplied and automatic confirmation emailed. The user can view their on-line order history and easily repeat any previous orders in one simple click.

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Posted on March 24, 2008

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