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New 96 and 384 Well PCR Plates Maximise Ease-Of-Use and Yield

New 4titude® FRAMEstar® PCR plates, now available from Anachem have a novel two-component design that combines the advantages of a rigid skirt and deck for reliable robotic handling together with thin-walled wells for optimum PCR results. The wells are constructed from virgin polypropylene, providing the most efficient heat transfer, along with an inert surface with low binding capabilities for nucleic acids, proteins and other molecules.

4titude® provides superior products for rapid PCR and small reaction volumes by utilising novel injection moulding technology, enabling the wall thickness to be reduced without compromising on tube integrity. In comparison with the traditional single piece products, the mechanical stability of the plate is greatly improved by moulding the plate frame in polycarbonate.

Warping, shrinking and thermal distortion are eliminated meaning that well spacing and position post PCR remains accurate, so that liquid handling devices can reliably add or remove the smallest sample quantities from the plate. Robotic arms can consistently grip and move cycled FRAMEstar­® plates and they will not stick in PCR blocks or get jammed in the stacker of robotic instruments. FRAMEstar´s® improved flatness reduces variation of fluorescent signals in optical assays such as Q-PCR and increased seal integrity reduces sample loss.

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Posted on March 3, 2008