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CYCLERtest PCR Thermal Cycler Validation now with UKAS Accreditation

CYCLERtest PCR thermal cycler validation now
with UKAS Accreditation for complete confidence in your PCR data

If your laboratory is working to highly stringent SOPs, or itself is UKAS or CPA accredited, you know you need to be able to trust and prove that your equipment is operating to the highest standards. When it comes to the performance of your thermal cycler, one of the most sensitive laboratory tools, you need assistance from experts.

When you programme your PCR thermal cycler, are you sure that it really is achieving the temperature stated, for the required time and that the temperature changes are efficient and uniform across the block Temperature control is essential for the success of the PCR reaction and the yields obtained.

Anachem now offers the most sophisticated and accurate temperature validation service for your thermal cycler with UKAS accreditation. CYCLERtest provides assurance, with detailed information on how your PCR machine is performing throughout a reaction. Reporting on the real time performance of PCR machines helps users better understand their results, adapt protocols for more efficient use of valuable reagents and conform to regulatory requirements. For forensic and diagnostic applications complete confidence in the procedure and data obtained is essential and can only be guaranteed with regular checking of the instrument used. UKAS accreditation of this system ensures you are complying to the most stringent laboratory practices of ISO:17025, whether you work to these guidelines or not.

The use of biological positive, negative and threshold controls is insufficient to guarantee reliable PCR results but the unique method of CYCLERtest performs both static and dynamic testing on virtually every commercially available thermal cycler. CYCLERtest uses the MTAS® (Mobile Temperature Acquisition System) that has been calibrated against the NIST standard.

Test results are analysed and reported through an automated process, prohibiting any alterations of the acquired sample data. The Data and layouts are encrypted and cannot be modified. A ' Certificate of Thermal Validation ' accompanies every test report. This certificate represents the results of the measured and calculated main parameters of the tested instrument.

Anachem's technicians will carry out all validations in your laboratory for maximum efficiency and convenience. Having the validation carried out in your laboratory ensures the performance of your cycler is measured as you use the cycler everyday.

To find out how CYCLERtest can help your laboratory we are offering you a limited time special offer of 30% off your first validation booked before 31st March 2008. Call us now on 01582 745080 or e-mail for more details.

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Posted on February 21, 2008

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