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New Liquid Handler Ideal for Lower Volume and Injection Applications

The new Gilson GX-281 Analytical Liquid Handler is Ideal for Lower Volume Liquid Handling and Injection Applications

Exclusive Gilson UK distributor, Anachem, is delighted to launch the new GX-281 Analytical Liquid Handler, designed specifically for lower volume liquid handling and injection applications.

The GX-281 Analytical Liquid Handler incorporates Gilson's revolutionary GX Analytical Solvent System which can produce an injection volume range as low as 2µl up to 1ml. It accommodates flow rates from 1µ/min to 5µ/min.

The GX-281 Analytical Liquid Handler can also be purchased with the option of a barcode reader, a benefit for users wishing to automatically identify and track their samples.

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Posted on January 30, 2008