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Nutrient Pad Sets & GE Nitrocellulose Gridded Membranes for Microbiological QC

Nutrient Pad Sets Anachem's simple, compact Nutrient Pad sets (NPS) provide a convenient means of microbiological analysis.

The membrane filters and nutrient pads can be used for a range of applications, including food, beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical testing. Ready for immediate use after the addition of sterile water, the biologically inert cellulose cardboard (pads) prevents the nutrient binding chemically, or physically.

Therefore, micro organisms can develop freely, resulting in faster and better growth, compared to conventional culture media.
Experience numerous other advantages from this economical method, such as a long shelf life of at least one year when stored at room temperature, versatile applications, and reduced risk of contamination. The simple, compact assembly and ready to use nutrient medium offer a high degree of safety from contamination.

Also available from Anachem are the individually packaged and sterile filter membranes in a Gridded, Plain, White and Black format. The grids aid in the calculation of the data used in the recovery and retention of bacteria on microbiological analysis applications. Their consistency and fast flow rates make them ideal for use in water, food and beverage bacterial testing.

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Posted on January 7, 2008