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Maximum Pipetting Flexibility for Reformatting between, Tubes, 24, 48 or 96 Well Plates

Many applications require the manipulation of samples between different formats of tubes and plates to facilitate various processes. These operations are now greatly simplified and speeded up with the latest introduction from Anachem, the new Rainin EDP3 Adjustable Spacer Multichannel Pipettes.

The EDP3 Adjustable Spacer, lets you quickly and accurately change nozzle spacing between 9mm and 19mm, for use with different well formats. Spacing control is completely effortless, using the smooth, precise adjustment mechanism. The LIMITER knob on the liquid end sets the maximum, preventing overspacing and the SPACING ADJUSTMENT knob lets you change quickly and reproducibly between minimum and maximum spacing, with just a twist.

In addition to this great flexibility, EDP3 Adjustable Spacer further enhances productivity with the easy to load, consistent sample pick up and ergonomic benefits of the Lite Touch Tip Ejection System (LTS). 360o rotation of the liquid end lets you quickly align between mother and daughter plates and provides comfortable left or right handed use.

This new pipette features all the benefits of the proven easy-to-use EDP3 electronic pipette including Multidispensing, Titration, Dilution, Volume Sequencing and long battery life

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Posted on November 15, 2007

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