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New Bar Coded Glassware & Vials - Permanently Protect and Identify Your Samples

You can now protect and immediately identify your precious samples more effectively within your compound management process. Anachem’s unique permanent custom bar coding service utilises vials each with their own individual bar code that guarantee the identity of their contents and position within a stored location.

Each bar code is made from a ceramic material that is permanently bonded to a glass vial or any glass laboratory product e.g. test tubes or bottle in either one dimensional (1D) or two dimensional (2D) forms. This completely eradicates the need for conventional sticky labels that can come off during storage or use, rendering the valuable contents unidentifiable. Vials that have a 2D bar code can be read from underneath using a flat-bed scanner while the vial is positioned on an automated system. For immediate recognition, companies have the option to apply corporate logos or company names to the side of the vials giving a customized, professional appearance.

Anachem’s bar coded vials are compatible with all solvents including DMSO, DCM and methanol, providing an ideal solution for tracing samples in applications including compound management, chemical screening, sample collection for biological fluid testing, compound library manufacture and QC analysis. The new Anachem CD vials internally dip to a central point, eliminating the waste of precious chemical compounds and offering complete sample recovery. Conveniently their flat bases allow them to stand upright.

For more information on Anachem’s New Bar coded Vials or to request your free samples please contact: Anachem Ltd using the contact details at the top of this page.

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Posted on November 5, 2007