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New Gilson PIPETMAN Neo -Reduces Pipetting Forces by up to 60%.

Pipetman Neo

Anachem have a new addition to the Gilson PIPETMAN family, Gilson PIPETMAN Neo gives you the precision, accuracy, reliability and robustness of the pipette you've trusted for years but with the added benefit of reduced pipetting forces. It's newly engineered springs enhance user comfort to address the growing concern for the risks of Repetitive Strain Injury.

The new design ensures reduction in both pipetting forces (up to 60%) and purge forces (up to 37%) to provide much greater comfort, particularly during prolonged use. PIPETMAN Neo operates under the same precision engineered, grease free sealing system as the PIPETMAN Classic to ensure the level of performance that scientists worldwide have relied upon for over 35 years.

Six single channel models cover a range of volumes from 0.2µl to 1000µl and are identified by colour coded push buttons that correspond to the relevant Diamond tips. With a wide useful volume range of 10-100% of the nominal value, PIPETMAN Neo specifications, along with all Gilson pipettes, are more stringent than those required for ISO8655 compliance.

Contact Anachem for details of special introductory offers on PIPETMAN Neo, contact details are at the top of this page.

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Posted on October 5, 2007