Reduce the Strain from Pipetting with New EZject Pipette Tips

The essential laboratory task of manual pipetting can put scientists at risk of Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) due to its repetitive nature and the forces involved. Now, Anachem, the experts in liquid handling, are introducing an innovative new pipette tip that offers an effective solution to this issue. Anachem EZject tips greatly reduce the force required for tip loading and ejection without compromising on your pipetting accuracy & precision. And, the great news is these tips will fit most of the pipettes you already have in your laboratory.

EZject Pipette Tips utilise a unique bi-fabricated wall that creates a soft, flexible but effective seal. This design ensures a secure seal is formed when applying a fraction of the force normally required to mount standard tips. Accordingly, the force needed to eject these tips is also significantly reduced, ensuring greater comfort in use.

Anachem EZject Tips have been evaluated for accuracy & precision in Anachem’s Pipette Service Centre. The results obtained show that all volumes of EZject tips perform well within pipette manufacturers’ specifications.

To feel the improved comfort for yourself, contact Anachem using contact details at the top of this page. Special introductory prices available for a limited period.

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Posted on July 30, 2007