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Anachem has introduced the next generation of peristaltic pump from Gilson, the Minipuls Evolution. This patented new design includes unique cartridges that snap in and out of the horizontal pump head, without the use of any tool, this enables the fastest, easiest tubing changing even when the pump is running. Together with the intuitive software interface and a large LCD screen, set up is quick, flexible and safe. The Minipuls Evolution will expand to accommodate your changing workload with stackable pump heads providing up to 16-channels.

The Minipuls Evolution has an unbeatable flow rate range from 0.2µl/min to 340ml/min with an optimised 6 roller design which limits pulsations, offering one of the widest and constant volume ranges available. With 0.01rpm readability below 10rpm you benefit from accurate flow rate adjustments and guaranteed peace of mind.

The Minipuls Evolution is ideal for a wide variety of laboratories and applications from biotechnology labs carrying out aspiration of tissue culture media or dispensing agar into petri dishes, to university laboratories perfusing tissues or using the pump for continuous nutrient delivery. If you work in a pharmaceutical, industrial, chemical, food or environmental laboratory you will have a need for a reliable easy to use peristaltic pump, like the new Gilson Minipuls Evolution.

Ellen Langendikj, technical assistant in the Molecular Biology department at the Institute of Biology, Leiden University says that "One of the outright benefits of the Gilson Minipuls Evolution peristaltic pump is that it enables the operator to replay tubing, add or remove channels while the pump is running without interrupting the flow in the other chambers.." The group use the Minipuls Evolution in their study of bacterial biofilms in flow cell chambers. Bacteria are grown in the flow cell chambers fed by an oxygenated solution and media. The pump is used to transfer the solution to the chambers and recycle it.
For more information on the new Minipuls Evolution and how it can help you in your laboratory contact Anachem using the contact details at the top of this page.

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Posted on June 19, 2007