Convenient and Safe Aspiration of All Your Laboratory Fluids

Anachem is introducing the NEW Gilson Safe Aspiration Station (GSAS), a stand alone system that enables quick, easy and safe removal of a variety of fluids from your laboratory containers. It is a convenient and useful tool for all scientists working with cells, bacteria and hazardous biological liquids providing you with a reliable system to dispose of your biological and chemical waste. The filtration of media by means of vacuum filtering units also eliminates any risk of contamination, Additional benefits include its compact design, perfect for use in laminar flow cabinets, adjustable vacuum level and low pump noise.

The Gilson Safe Aspiration Kit (GSAK) is also available from Anachem. Comprising of a convenient ergonomic handle and set of adaptors to facilitate a number of key applications. Liquids can be aspirated from virtually all types of vessels and containers, including microplates, microtubes, petri dishes and other deep labware. The y-shape connector also permits connection of two handles to increase productivity. Collection of the liquids into a shatter proof bottle with level detection to prevent overflow, increases the GSAS safety.

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Posted on March 27, 2007