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New Gilson GX-271 Liquid Handler - Performance and Capacity in a Compact Format

The new Gilson GX-271, now available from Anachem, provides a versatile liquid handling solution for both preparative and analytical-to-semi preparative chromatography applications. It offers small to large volume injection, fraction collection, and liquid handling capabilities within a small footprint (only 23" of linear bench space).

The robust GX-271 can be configured with either a GX Prep for µL to 100ml plus volumes or an Analytical Solvent System for nanoliter to µL volumes. These feature a syringeless pumping technology capable of delivering a wide dynamic range of flow rates and volumes. All injection modules feature a continuous flow path design for preparative flow rates up to 200 mL/min. The GX-271 can accommodate large injection volumes up to 25 mL with minimal sample waste and carryover. With a new rinse station that incorporates a flowing jet wash; two different rinse stations can be used.

The GX-271 is fully controlled under Gilson’s revolutionary purification software Trilution LC™ that is specifically designed for purification. It enables you to completely control your run and data whatever your results demand.

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Posted on March 21, 2007