Hassle Free, Publication Standard Protein Gels, Every Time from Anachem

Enzolve is a new range of protein detection kits from Anachem that gives you publication grade gels in less than 2 hours. These safe, reliable, environmentally friendly kits provide efficient staining of protein bands for PolyAcrylamide Gel Electrophoresis (PAGE). The Enzolve range of kits are so easy to use, economical, and provide consistent results time after time, solving all your staining worries.

The Enzolve staining solution fixes the proteins immediately, stopping protein diffusion and producing sharp, clearly defined bands. The stain permeates throughout the entire gel allowing staining of all the protein to give intense bands. Enzolve’s sensitivity enables you to see very fine bands with as little as 5µg of protein. Dr Teresa Fitzpatrick, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology comments "Enzolve gave us significantly better staining results, with low abundance bands typically not being seen"

Enzolve gives you the safety and convenience of minimal gel handling, reducing your exposure to hazardous chemicals and avoiding the risk of damage to the gel. All reagents are provided pre-prepared offering you a safe and reliable alternative to preparing your own solutions. There is no need to keep replacing the destaining solution, when using Enzolve, so the amount of hazardous chemicals required for gel staining/destaining is 10 fold less than with other protocols, reducing the introduction of hazardous chemicals into our environment and providing you with a safe 'Green' alternative for your gel staining.

Enzolve is available in 3 formats Stain/Destain, Stain/Destain Express and Peace of Mind ensuring there is a kit to suit you.

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Posted on February 1, 2007