NEW SupaTop™ Sterile Cellulose Acetate Syringe Filters Exclusively from Anachem

High Performance Filters at Great Value Prices

Anachem has launched its new SupaTop™ Cellulose Acetate Syringe Filter range to the Life Science Market.

SupaTop™ Cellulose Acetate syringe filters are hydrophilic and low binding. They are ideal for maximum sample recovery for tissue culture media preparation, sterile filtration & clarification of biological fluids, protein & enzyme filtrations, filtration of hybridisation buffers and other aqueous solutions. Due to the hydrophilic nature of the Cellulose Acetate membrane these syringe filters are designed to sterilise and remove particles from protein rich samples. They are also recommended for the filtration of probe solutions.

The cellulose acetate membrane is encased in an acrylic housing without the use of any adhesives to eliminate any risk of sample contamination. These filters are available in a variety of pore sizes and are colour coded accordingly for easy identification, 0.2µm (Blue), 0.45µm (Yellow), 0.8µm (Green), 1.2µm (Red) and 5µm (Brown). They are also available in 33mm or 18mm diameters and either sterile or non-sterile.

Each sterile syringe filter is enclosed in its own blister pack and individually labelled with pore size and diameter for ease of use. These syringe filters are compatible with all standard syringes.

Amazing Introductory Offer
250 Sterile Cellulose Acetate SupaTop Syringe Filters for ONLY £100.00
Sterile Cellulose Acetate SupaTop Syringe Filters for ONLY £180.00

When you order before 31/12/2006 quoting reference PR-001-1106

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Posted on November 15, 2006