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Faster, Easier Tip Fit and Ejection with Gilson PIPETMAN

The new Gilson 5ml pipettes now available from Anachem offer renowned PIPETMAN accuracy, precision and robustness with a new feature that makes fitting and ejecting your tips easier than ever with traditional format conical tips.

The latest model PIPETMAN Concept C5000 electronic pipette and PIPETMAN Ultra U5000 pipette both feature the unique Gilson Forceless Integrated Tip-ejection System (G-F.I.T. Systemâ™). This completely new design of pipette tip-holder, provides a lighter, quicker, reliable fit for Gilson Diamond® Tips while decreasing the force to mount and eject them. The system brings you a clear enhancement in comfort, speed and convenience when pipetting. Risk of repetitive strain injury is greatly reduced as there is no need to bang tips onto the pipette or use excessive force to eject them.

The special stepped design of the G-F.I.T tip-holder produces two small contact areas between the tip-holder and the tip, reducing the forces required to fit and eject the tip to an absolute minimum. The first ridge creates a regular ring-shaped contact area that concentrates the seal force in a very small region, providing efficient air-tightness. The second ridge works as a guide and a stop to prevent over-insertion of the tip-holder into the tip. The force required to fit and eject Gilson Diamond tips using the G-F.I.T. System can be reduced by as much as half of that of regular tip-holders. However, G-F.I.T. is also uniquely compatible with most standard traditional conical tips.

G-F.I.T offers one of the softest and most flexible tip systems available on the market to date, when combined with the three-position ejector button and the adjustable tip-ejector stroke of Pipetman® Ultra and new PIPETMAN Concept electronic pipettes.

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Posted on August 25, 2006