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Is Finding Replacements for Discontinued Filter Papers a Problem?

Many filter paper suppliers have recently reduced their stocks of certain grades and formats of paper and will soon discontinue various lines. This is not good news for scientists. If you are using a paper that is discontinued, what are you going to do and where will you get these products from? Don’t worry, as Anachem can now provide you with all your filter paper needs with high quality products from Munktell Filter.

Anachem has a strong history of supplying quality; exclusive brands and filtration products from Munktell are no exception. Munktell is the original filter paper manufacturer and offers 200 years of experience in producing an unbeatable range of fine quality filtration products. High level quality procedures, from sourcing raw materials right through the manufacturing process to final QC testing, guarantee consistent product excellence. With alternatives to all brands plus a broader range and customised cuts as a speciality, they provide great value for money and through Anachem, UK stockholding enables next day delivery.

The range includes an impressive array of cost effective filter papers, available in circle, sheet or folded formats. Plus thimbles, indicator papers, chromatography papers and lens cleaning tissues to list just a few of the specialist products available. From routinely sized papers to customized products, Munktell has the paper you require for a wide range of research, chemical, environmental, and industrial applications.

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Posted on August 25, 2006