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Most Popular Form of Indicator Papers Now Available from Anachem

pH indicator papers offer the simplest and most inexpensive means for assessment or measurement of pH in aqueous solutions. Anachem now offers a range of pH indicator and test papers to meet all your specific needs. Made with traditional Munktell quality, these products combine ease-of-use with unsurpassed accuracy for a wide range of routine pH testing with instant pH readings.

The Lyphan® Indicator Papers without colour scale are one of the oldest and most popular forms of indicator papers providing an easy-to-use general test for acid or alkaline reaction. The range includes Litmus Blue and Litmus Red, Congo Red and Phenolphthalein papers. Also available, in a choice of rolls or strips, are a wide range of highly accurate indicator papers covering the whole pH range in intervals of 0.2 and 0.3 for quick and precise testing of coloured, turbid or clear aqueous solutions.

Stuphan® Indicator Strips enable precise determination of pH values in water samples and for adjustment of the pH value of a sample during analysis. There is no interference from the indicator dyes so samples can be used for further analysis.
Anachem also offers Specialized Test Papers such as Lead Acetate Test Paper and Potassium Iodide Test Paper.

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Posted on June 29, 2006