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Pre-Folded, High Quality Filter Papers Now Available from Anachem

Pre-folded filter paper helps save valuable time, provides consistency and maximizes the efficiency of your filter system. Folded paper increases the effective surface area available, increasing the flow rate and loading capacity.

Overall filtration time is decreased due to the extra filter paper surface area exposed. Thus the loading capacity is increased and clogging from highly particulate samples is reduced. Additionally flow rates are improved as less of the filter paper area is in direct contact with the inside of the funnel.

Fine quality folded filter paper from world renowned manufacturers Munktell is now available from Anachem . Munktell is the original filter paper manufacturer, offering 200 years of experience in producing an unbeatable range of fine quality filtration products. Anachem supplies a full range of folded filter papers for qualitative and general purpose filtration.

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Posted on June 2, 2006