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New Glass MicroFibre Filters give High Performance

Fine quality filtration products from Munktell are now available to scientists in the UK and Ireland from Anachem. Munktell, the original filter paper manufacturers, offer 200 years of experience in producing an unbeatable range of filtration products for use in research, chemical, environmental and industrial laboratory applications.

Munktell Glass Microfibre filters are manufactured from 100% borosilicate glass: binder-free and chemically inert. Their fine fibres allow high efficiency rates even down to the submicronic range combined with good permeability and high dirt holding capacity. The fine capillary structure can absorb significantly larger quantities of water than an equivalent cellulose filter, making them suitable for spot tests and liquid scintillation counting methods.

Glass microfibre filters can be used at temperatures up to 550°C. They are ideal for use in applications involving air filtration and for gravimetric analysis of volatile materials where ignition is involved. The filters can also be made completely transparent for subsequent microscopic examination. They are non-gyroscopic and biologically inert. Chemical resistance to most solvents and reagents is very good, except for hydrofluoric acid and other acids or alkalis at high concentration.

With alternatives to all brands Anachem offers great value pricing plus UK stock for next day delivery. From routinely sized papers to customized products Munktell will have the filter you require for a wide range of research, chemical, environmental, and industrial applications.

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Posted on April 19, 2006