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Anachem - The Future for Filtration in the Food Industry

Munktell Filters

Anachem is pleased to announce an exclusive new partnership with Munktell Filter, and GE Technologies that will bring food scientists in the UK and Ireland a new supply of fine, quality, filtration products. This extensive range of filters offers superior materials at exceptional value for money for applications within food and drink processing plants and testing laboratories.

Food technologists will find an impressive array of cost effective filter papers for easier sample preparation and clarity testing. Convenient pre-fluted papers save technician time and offer faster filtration.

Cotton fibre filter thimbles, in a range of sizes, with a high alpha cellulose content present high mechanical resistance and excellent retention capacity. These are particularly suitable for the extraction of organic combinations out of food reaction mixtures for use in applications such as fat analysis.

Anachem's GE products offer the best range of filtration membranes for food microbiology applications with a wide choice of pore sizes and membrane diameters. Gridded membranes simplify colony counting and sterility prevents any contamination.

Anachem has a strong history of supplying quality, exclusive brands and filtration products from Munktell and GE are no exception. High level quality procedures, from sourcing raw materials right through the manufacturing process to final QC testing, guarantee consistent product excellence. Munktell's intensive paper technology Research and Development programme ensures continuous development to meet the needs of tomorrow's techniques.

GE have extensive manufacturing capabilities and skills for the ever demanding microbiological requirements. To fully appreciate this extensive new line filtration products contact Anachem today.

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Posted on January 1, 2006