New GVLab® Personal Mini Vortexer for Quick Sample Mixing

Scientists can now have their own personal mini vortex mixer right at their work area, that takes up only 9cm square of bench space. The new Gilson GVLab®, exclusively available in the UK and Ireland from Anachem is a "touch-on" fixed speed vortex mixer that enables quick mixing of solutions or media contained in various formats of tubes or vials up to 30mm (1.18 in.) in diameter.. GVLab is robust and reliable, providing a vigorous and uniform vortexing of samples at 2800 rpm. Affordable for small budgets, every researcher can have their own. It is easy to store and move around for different applications.

GVLab is part of the new line of bench top laboratory equipment from Gilson, that complements its liquid handling range. GVLab starts mixing the solution in the tube when the pad is pressed down (Touch-on mode). The mixing motion continues as long as the pad remains pressed down. When the tube is removed, the GVLab automatically stops. GVLab is a useful, basic tool for scientists working in any laboratory, routine, R&D, or academic.

The quality design of the GVLab offers reliable, long lasting performance. The sturdy base and polypropylene housing offers excellent stability and minimal vibration. Extremely compact, its very small footprint allows you save space in your laboratory. GVLab offers renowned Gilson performance, robustness, reliability and quality.

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Posted on December 2, 2005