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Solve Pipetting Problems for Difficult to Handle Liquids

Pipetting viscous, volatile, corrosive or hazardous liquids and avoiding aerosol contamination can be problematic when using air displacement pipettes. But, with the Rainin Pos-D™ positive displacement pipette, ease, speed, accuracy, precision and safety are guaranteed.

It is an excellent pipetting tool for applications in biotechnology, clinical, food and industrial laboratories. Rainin Pos-D uses disposable capillary piston tips to ensure sample security.

The piston moves within the plastic capillary, making direct contact with the liquid. The positive wiping action of the piston against the capillary wall ensures complete dispensing without droplets. With no elastic air space to expand or contract, the aspiration force remains constant, unaffected by the physical properties of the sample. This means even very viscous or high density liquids such as 50% glycerol solutions, detergents, oil, syrup or even toothpaste can be easily pipetted with accuracy and precision.

The risk of pipette damage from aggressive solvents is eliminated as the sample or its vapours can not come in contact with internal parts. Similarly there is no risk of contaminating the pipette when working with hazardous materials such as radioactive compounds. Eliminating cross contamination is also a major advantage for applications such as PCR, forensics and diagnostics. The pre-assembled capillary tips are easy to use and also fit Gilson Microman®. For your convenience they are ALL supplied pre-sterilised and ready racked at prices you would normally pay for loose, non-sterile, unassembled capillary pistons.

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Posted on February 5, 2010