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DNAreleasy™ - Go from cells to PCR in less than 10 minutes!

Fed up of time consuming and costly spin columns or extraction processes to prepare your sample for DNA amplification?

Anachem now has the solution with new DNAreleasy™. This new cell lysing reagent requires just a 10 minute incubation on a thermal cycler before the DNA is ready for use directly in your PCR - no further sample processing is necessary. DNAreleasy™ has been successfully used to lyse a wide range of cells. This includes: human buffy coat, human fibroblasts tissue culture cells, human sperm, mouse & rat tissue culture cells, mouse tail, various plants, Drosophila and others like yeast, Gram +ve bacteria, Gram -ve bacteria, viruses and many more.

Using DNAreleasy™ is real easy. Just mix cells with 20 µl of the reagent and overlay with mineral oil if necessary (for Thermal Cyclers without a heated lid). Place in a Thermal Cycler and treat at 75°C for 5 minutes followed by 96°C for 2 minutes before holding at 20°C. After the lysis, a part or all of the DNAreleasy-lysate can be used directly in PCR. DNAreleasy can make up to 40% of most PCR mixes. It can be stored at -20°C for future use. Contact response@anachem.co.uk with details of your application and receive a free sample for a limited time only, to see for yourself how much time, money and effort DNAreleasy can save you.

For more information go to www.anachem.co.uk

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Posted on August 5, 2009