New MicroSol 3+ Super a Concentrated Decontamination Formulation

Whether in the Laboratory, Hospital, Operating room or Doctors surgery inadequate hygiene supports the growth of pathogenic germs, which can lead to human Infection. This can have serious consequences in a clinical setting.

The most effective prevention is offered by a comprehensive, safe and easy disinfection procedure using MicroSol3+® Solution. MicroSol 3+ solution offers an enhanced broad spectrum efficacy with excellent environmental safety.

It is recommended for the treatment of all surfaces and equipment in both laboratory and clinical settings. It is particularly effective in the presence of heavy organic challenges where other products often fail. New MicroSol 3+ Super is a concentrated formulation that should be diluted 1:100 for standard use.
  • Proven efficacy against bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts and algae

  • Cleans & disinfects in one simple step for quick and efficient decontamination of all areas.

  • A surfactant is included to supplement the biocidal efficacy with cleaning properties avoiding the need for pre-cleaning before disinfection

  • Leaves no residue - smear free

  • Safe to handle - non-toxic

  • Non staining and odour free

  • Environmentally friendly with low ecotoxicity

  • Long shelf life so minimal waste

  • Effective under organic soiling conditions

And, for a limited time only you can make savings of 60%, compared to standard MicroSol 3+ concentrate with our introductory offer on MicroSol3+ Super. So why not try it in your laboratory today. Go to or call 01582 747500 for more details.

MicroSol 3+ solution has been tested at reputable independent test laboratories both in the UK and USA. Where possible, data has been collected using the new European efficacy standards (EN Methods). These methods will be the standards required for the recently adopted European Biocides Product Directive under which all biocides in the EU will be regulated.

MicroSol3+ Solutions are sold under license from DuPont.

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Posted on May 6, 2009