New Gilson PIPETMAN Neo® Multi Improved Comfort in Multichannel Format

For over 35 years PIPETMAN has been the scientist's pipette of choice for accuracy, precision, reliability and robustness. The latest model from Gilson, now available from Anachem, brings you all these benefits in a multichannel pipette plus improved comfort in use.

The new PIPETMAN Neo® Multi 8 and 12 channel pipettes accelerate efficiency and enable you to work easier and with greater confidence. All the PIPETMAN Neo range include a re-engineered spring that reduces pipetting forces but the multichannel models have additional technology advances that further enhance performance, ease-of-use and comfort. The unique design of the tip-holder, with successive sealing rings, offers the widest compatibility with a full range of the most commonly used tips.

An ejector spacer distributes ejection forces equally for easy tip ejection, reducing risk of Repetitive Strain Injury. Plus, a patented mechanism distributes the pipetting forces equally over each channel, for consistent aspiration and dispensing of samples and identical performance across the pipette.

PIPETMAN Neo Multi is available in 8 and 12 channel models with nominal volumes of 20µl or 200µl. As with all Gilson pipettes, accuracy and precision specifications are more stringent than ISO 8655-2 recommendations giving you reassurance of the best performance for your multichannel applications.

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Posted on March 16, 2009