Trying to Avoiding Cross Contamination? Gilson's MICROMAN Positive Displacement Pipettes

Pipetting viscous, volatile, corrosive or hazardous liquids and avoiding aerosol contamination can be problematic when using air displacement pipettes. But, with the Gilson MICROMAN® positive displacement pipette ease, speed, accuracy, precision and safety are guaranteed.

Exclusively available in the UK from Anachem, Microman is is fully adjustable and uses disposable capillary pistons (CPs) to ensure sample security. Cross contamination is a major worry for scientists worldwide. Pipette shafts are a common source of contamination attributable to aerosols formed during aspiration. The syringe like Microman CPs eliminate any air space between the pipette body and the sample, protecting it against contamination and any trace carry over. Sample integrity is safeguarded - essential for critical procedures such as PCR, forensics, cancer diagnostics and genetic disease testing. With no elastic air space to expand or contract, the aspiration force remains constant, unaffected by the physical properties of the sample. This means even very viscous or high density liquids such as 50% glycerol solutions, detergents, oil, syrup or even toothpaste can be easily pipetted with accuracy and precision.

The risk of pipette damage from aggressive solvents is eliminated as the sample or its vapours can not come in contact with the Microman internal parts. Similarly there is no risk of contaminating the pipette when working with hazardous materials such as radioactive compounds.

Available in six models from M10 (1-10µl) up to M1000 (200-1000µl) it is lightweight (only 50g) and designed to adapt to all users, right or left handed. It is the only positive displacement pipette on the market to offer a full range of precision quality pipettes for every sample type.

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Posted on January 21, 2009