Market for microbiology microarrays set for huge growth over next 5 years

According to a new market research study released today from Kalorama Information, the U.S. market for analytical microchip technologies in the life sciences is poised to experience explosive growth in the next five years, with some segments expected to see triple-digit annual growth through 2009.

The study, U.S. Markets in Analytical Chip Technology, 2nd Edition , found that current market potential in the industry is approximately $2 billion—the majority of which is in the DNA/gene microarray segment. However, protein microarrays and microbiology microarrays are becoming more prominent, and the market for tissue microarrays and analytical process chips are forecast to explode in the next 10 years.

The current study is the second time Kalorama Information has investigated the analytical chip market in depth. This complete update to the 2002 study re-evaluates and extends the forecasts through 2014 for five microchip segments: DNA/gene, protein, tissue, cell, and microbiology microarrays. In addition, it adds a new segment, analytical process chips.

In addition to a thorough market analysis, the 480-page report details technology development, applications, and progress toward commercialization in each of the segments. The report also provides in-depth profiles of 15 top competitors in the field and eight high-level conclusions, and their strategic implications for developers are discussed.

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Posted on June 20, 2005