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New Touchclave-R Autoclaves for Fast, Reliable Autoclaving

Touchclave-R autoclaves

LTE Scientific has launched its eagerly awaited all-new Touchclave-R range of autoclaves.

Designed to increase productivity, performance, versatility and reliability.

Many of the features have never been included on this type of autoclave.

  • Air ballast allows sealed and unsealed fluids to be cooled quickly and reduces the risk of container rupture.
  • Dynamic in-chamber cooling- Providing direct cooling to the load is more efficient than using external fans. It also dissipates some of the moisture from the load.
  • 'Push-n -Seal' requires no effort from the operator. No bolts, no levers. Simply close the door and start the cycle. The door locks, seals and releases automatically.
  • LTE's proven Touchscreen offers proven flexibility and is extremely user-friendly.

There are seven models in the range with capacities from 40 to 160 litres. Options and accessories include,

  • Vacuum system which when added will improve the initial air removal and assist the cooling process.
  • Data archiving system will store 5000 cycles on a single removable flash card. Assisting long term storage of thermometric records.
  • Effluent retention making the unit suitable for processing cat.3 loads.
  • The heating power can be boosted to speed up the sterilization cycle.

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Posted on June 20, 2006