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Powerful Ultrasonic Bath for Indirect Sonication of Eppendorf Tubes and Test Tubes

The Hielscher sonoreactor UTR200 (200 watts, 24kHz) works as an ultrasonic bath but at a 50 times higher intensity. Its characteristics in terms of quality are the same as those of the other Hielscher ultrasonic processors, such as the UP200S.

In addition, it is dry-running protected. It is suited for the direct or indirect sonication of liquids e.g. for cell disruption, homogenizing or emulsifying . The cup-shaped sonotrode is machined from one piece in order to prevent leakages. The upper part of the sonotrode is oscillation-free and can be used for mounting the respective accessories for diverse application cases. A corresponding reactor cover takes the Eppendorf tubes or test tubes for indirect sonication.

By means of the reactor cover the chamber is hermetically sealed. If the cover has an additional inlet and outlet the sonoreactor can be used as a flow system. Besides the application combination with various accessories, the UTR200 is a powerful alternative to common ultrasonic baths.

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Posted on September 14, 2004