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Labcaire Launches Safety Cabinets with Anti-Microbial Coating


Labcaire is applying a patented anti-microbial surface treatment designed to minimise the risk of cross-contamination to every model in its safety cabinet range. The move, which makes Labcaire the only safety cabinet manufacturer in the world to standardise on an anti-microbial finish, comes at a time of increasing concern about the risks of cross-contamination in the laboratory.

The surface coating technology has been acquired from UK-based BioCote and is incorporated during manufacture. It can be used to treat both metal and polymer surfaces and is active throughout the lifetime of the product. Providing an extra level of defence against microbial contamination by preventing cells from reproducing, the anti-microbial performance of the treated materials is rigorously validated by an independent laboratory.

"As an innovative designer of laminar air flow and carbon filtration units used in laboratories around the world, we are delighted to offer Biocote's unique anti-microbial product solutions to our customers," says Mihir Vyas, Labcaire's Commercial Director. "This exclusive arrangement means their choice of equipment can minimise the risk of cross-contamination and make a lasting impact in their working lives."

Recent reports indicate that 1 in 10 patients contract a hospital-acquired infection during their treatment and that it costs the NHS up to £1 billion. There is also increasing concern about the risks of cross-contamination in the workplace with only 20% of laboratory acquired infections following known accidents, such as broken glass or needle sticks.

The decision to use BioCote technology across its entire portfolio of products is a key element in Labcaire's safe products' strategy. This has recently been seen in the launch of Autozyme, an enzymatic disinfection solution, and Autowipes, a hard surface disinfectant wipe.

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Posted on January 15, 2004