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Primary UTI Agar Gives Presumptive Identification of Main Causes of UTI

Primary UTI Chromogemic media
E.coli colonies on Primary UTI agar
Primary UTI is a chromogenic medium designed to facilitate the swift detection and presumptive identification of the major bacterial species responsible for UTIs.

Principle and Intended Use

Recent developments in culture media have given rise to the use of chromogenic substrates as a means of differentiating bacteria particularly among the coliform group of organisms. This is one such medium and has been developed with the aim of simplifying the differentiation and presumptive identification of the main organisms usually found in Urinary Tract Infections.
Based on the traditional CLED Medium, to prevent the swarming of Proteus spp, two chromogens are present in the medium. One allows the detection of enterococci giving rise to blue colonies whilst the second results in purple colonies of E. coli. Phenylalanine and Tryptophan are also included as indicators of Tryptophan Deaminase activity producing brown colonies of Proteus spp.

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Posted on November 27, 2008