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New Pipette Service and Calibration Software from Biohit

Biohit has released the new Quanta, a complete range of pipette service and calibration software that has been designed to deliver unique flexibility to any laboratory or company doing service and calibration on pipettes. The modular software provides different options depending on the level of pipette service or calibration required.

QuantaCal is the entry level software, designed primarily for laboratories that simply need to maintain a database of their pipettes, check them against a manufacturer's specification, ISO8655 or their own specification and produce a detailed calibration report to GLP/GMP requirements.

QuantaLab, the midrange version is a unique menu-based system, incorporating QuantaCal as its base module plus additional options such as multiple customer entry. It is ideally suited to the smaller service company or organisation that tests and maintains its own pipettes in-house.

QuantaPro is the most comprehensive service and calibration software, developed for the professional high output pipette service companies or large multi-site end user accounts.

The Quanta software range meets all current ISO 8655, ISO 9000, ISO 17025 standards and supports GLP/GMP requirements, and it can be used with existing calibration protocols. Quanta will connect to any balance supporting RS232 protocols, including the Mettler Multichannel balances, and controls and collects calibration data automatically. Quanta has a comprehensive pipette database and provides calibration specifications in accordance with manufacturer's specifications, ISO8655 maximum permissible errors or user-defined specifications.

Quanta provides automatic calculations on inaccuracy and imprecision, producing concise and easy to understand calibration and other reports. It also maintains a complete service and calibration history, and flags pipettes due/overdue for calibration.

The software has been developed by Biohit and experts from Pipette Doctor, one of the world's leading pipette service and calibration organisations. All Quanta users will benefit from expert technical support and advice from Pipette Doctor.

Find out more about the most comprehensive and flexible pipette service and calibration software available and download a free trial version on

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Posted on March 3, 2009