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Do Your Rapid Methods Really Work?

Some foods can interfere with the diagnostic chemistry used in rapid microbiological methods. It is therefore good laboratory practice to validate any method or procedure using the unique organism/food matrix combination found in a particular food factory.

Richter International, Inc. an independent testing organisation specializes in food microbiology method validation. Appropriate microbial pathogens are stressed and then added to the unique food matrices at low levels. The inoculated food is analyzed by the method under validation, using the conditions unique to the food manufacturer. In this way, the laboratory can be assured that the methods they have selected work for their specific food samples.

Using the 'More Information' button below, contact Richter International for help on developing and evaluating rapid food microbiology methods and sampling plans for detecting microbial pathogens and spoilage organisms in complex food matrices.

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Posted on October 31, 2011