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Safepath Verotoxin ELISA Kit for Food Samples

Safepath VTEC ELISA from RayAl
If your laboratory is being called on to test foods for the presence of EHEC, take the SafePath route with RayAl Ltd. Sales in the SafePath Verotoxin Microwell ELISA distributed by RayAl Ltd in the UK have soared in Germany following the recent outbreak of E.coli O104 H:4.

The SafePath Verotoxin assay detects toxin being produced by this very rare EHEC serotype and the 96 well ELISA format makes it ideal for labs needing to screen high numbers of samples.

Details of the kit can be found on www.RayAl.com or email info@RayAl.com or call the customer service number +44 1623 600 680 for more information.

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Source : RayAl ltd [United Kingdom]
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Posted on June 8, 2011