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SST Sampling Collection - A Complete Set of Samplers in a Shatterproof Carrying Case

Sampling Equipment
Representative sampling is an essential requirement to obtaining valid results in subsequent laboratory analysis.

International pbi offer a complete set of stainless steel/teflon samplers suited for all your sampling needs.

Easy to use, clean and sterilize, sampling equipment for liquid, viscous liquid, powder, granulates, cream, frozen materials. The professional sampling case includes:

  • Typha for liquid sampling from bottom of containers

  • Plunge for liquid sampling at desired location in the vessel

  • Bike-Inox for liquid sampling from large container

  • Rocket for sampling of dry products (powder, granulates, etc.)

  • Multilevel for sampling dry products

  • Needle for sampling of dry products from paper or plastic bags

  • Pic-Inox for single samples from paper or plastic bags

  • Surgel for sampling of frozen products




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Source : International pbi SpA [Italy]
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Posted on April 1, 2008