Sino Biological recombinant allergen proteins are core reagents for allergen detection

Bioaerosol Monitoring

"SAS ISO" from International pbi is the new generation of SAS samplers for the microbiological testing of air. Monitoring is through the impact of micro-organisms onto the agar surface of a contact plate or standard Petri dish.

The ergonomic "SAS ISO" uses a single certified aspirating head made in stainless steel or aluminium or "Dispo-Head" certified sterile disposable plastic head. This disposable head complies with regulations requiring a traceable document of certification of sterility.

The "Dispo-Head" may be used for each sampling or for each group of sampling cycles in the same environment. The "SAS ISO" offers traceability functions like date, operator name, sampling location, volume of aspirated air, etc. which can be transferred to a printer or P.C.

Several "SAS ISO" air samplers from different locations can be connected all together to a P.C. to enable a centralised control of the environmental monitoring.

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Source : International pbi SpA [Italy]
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Posted on November 26, 2007