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Multilocation Centre for Air Monitoring in Clean Rooms

The "SAS Super Network", produced by International pbi, is a complete system for performing sequential and/or simultaneous microbiological air sampling with multiple "SAS ISO" units positioned at different locations within separate Clean Rooms.

All the air samplers (e.g.: 24 units) are independently programmed and controlled by an external PC.

Vacuum line connections are not necessary as control is via infrared communications.

The use of disposable "Dispo-Head", sterility certified aspirating head, guarantees the aseptic conditions.

All of the microbiological SAS Super air sample family produced by International pbi can be used in Clean Rooms and isolators and can be connected to a printer or P.C. for sampling data recording.

According to FDA Guide Lines, and Good Laboratory Practices (ISO/EN 17025), all the following sampling parameters should be recorded: progressive number identification, date, hour, site, operator name, volume of aspirated air.

The SAS Super air samplers have specific software for data unloading.

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Source : International pbi SpA [Italy]
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Posted on November 12, 2007