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Detecting Viable Microbiological Contaminants in Compressed Air

Compressed Air Sampler

Pinocchio Super is used to test the microbiological quality of compressed air and gas used in Clean Rooms according to ISO 8573/7. "Pinocchio Super" collects air samples either on Contact Plates (diameter 55 or 84 mm) or Standard Petri Dishes (diameter 90 mm).

It collects more than 1000 litres of air/gas in a few minutes. The compact size means the sampling unit can be used where space is limited. The small size and the simple operation enable many operations to more accurately report air/gas quality and minimize false positives from operators.

The unit can be easily and aseptically connected to the desired points of sample. Calibration according to International Standard. Complete documentation about "Pinocchio"containers is available on the International pbi website or by sending a request using contact details at the top of this page.

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Source : International pbi SpA [Italy]
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Posted on July 24, 2006