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New Micronic 2006 Product Catalogue

Scientific Laboratory Supplies, Micronic's exclusive UK Sales and Distribution Partner, announce the launch of the new 2006 Micronic Catalogue.

Micronic, invented the 96 position format tip racks and quickly recognised the potential to accommodate sample tubes in the same footprint design, becoming pioneers of sample traceability and storage product systems.

Initially, just plain uncoded tubes were available, but alpha numeric, data matrix and the unique Traxis™ coded tubes followed, as it became evident that different levels of security and traceability were required by many different laboratory disciplines.

Today, Micronic offer the most extensive range of tubes (from 0.65ml to 7ml), storage racks, capping systems, tube readers and tube handling hardware on the market. They are committed to an extensive R&D program that will see many new and innovative products for general and niche market applications.

Using Micronic sample tubes will massively increase your current sample storage capacity, which in return saves time, money and the need for yet more precious lab space.

Contact Scientific Laboratory Supplies today, to see how even a small change to basic practises can make a big difference.

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Posted on January 9, 2006