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New Microplate Reader for Fluorescence, Luminescence, and Absorbance Applications

The Modulus™ II Microplate Multimode Reader is skillfully designed for today's life science laboratory. In addition to having performance on par with single-mode instruments, the Modulus™ II Microplate blends user-friendly operation with easy data handling and flexible purchasing options. Dedicated optical channels ensure that the sensitivity and dynamic range are both equivalent to the highest performing single-mode instruments available today.

This microplate reader accepts 6, 12, 24, 48, 96, and 384-well plates conforming to the SBS plate standard and may be purchased with an optional heater allowing for precise temperature control from 2º above ambient temperature to 45º C. The Modulus™ II Microplate Multimode Reader also provides either linear or orbital shaking.

The Modulus™ II Microplate combines a color touch screen display with a Windows-based onboard computer. This modular instrument can be purchased as a luminometer, then fluorescence and/or absorbance modules can be purchased and added later in the laboratory.

A Protocol Composer feature allows complex protocols to easily be developed by combining multiple technologies into one experiment. Life Science laboratories can save time and reagents by testing for both luminescence and fluorescence or fluorescence and absorbance in one run. Any necessary data manipulations can be done within Excel on any computer in or out of the lab by downloading data from the instrument to a USB Flash Drive (provided).

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Source : Turner BioSystems [USA]
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Posted on January 12, 2009