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EndoTrap® HD Removes Endotoxin in Biomanufacturing

The launch of EndoTrap® HD begins a new chapter in the development of the Profos EndoTrap®-family, gaining a higher level of endotoxin removal especially developed for biomanufacturing and large scale processes.

The new Profos EndoTrap® HD LPS removal system meets the challenges of biomanufacturing process by combining highly specific LPS removal with high regeneration abilities and a dimensionally stable affinity matrix, which can be integrated into the downstream purification process of biomolecules.

Furthermore the EndoTrap Leakage ELISA (Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay), a two-step sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the quantitative determination of the EndoTrap® HD ligand in biological aqueous solutions, will be available from now on. Together with the Regulatory Support File Profos provides comprehensive information about EndoTrap® HD affinity matrix to help customers register their production processes.

Dr. Stephanie Steck, in charge of the enlargement of the EndoTrap®-family: 'With our products 'EndoTrap® blue' and 'EndoTrap® red' which are both established in the global market for endotoxin removal we have successfully been serving the needs of our customers especially in academia and research. But we observed an increasing demand for a specific endotoxin removal system for large scale purification processes. With our new product 'EndoTrap® HD' we are convinced we have created a product that fully satisfies these requirements of our customers.'

With EndoTrap® HD, Profos has taken the next step to become a global market leader in the field of endotoxin removal systems and high-quality endotoxin-free products. Further products are in development and will continue to expand the portfolio.

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Posted on July 1, 2008