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IGEN's PATHIGEN(R) Salmonella Test Adopted by Aviagen

The World's Largest Broiler Breeding Company to Utilize IGEN Systems at its North American Sites

IGEN International, Inc. announced today that Aviagen, Inc., the world's largest broiler breeding company, has adopted the Company's PATHIGEN Salmonella test method for use in surveillance of their poultry breeding stock. The PATHIGEN test method utilizes IGEN's proprietary ORIGEN(R) technology for presumptive identification of Salmonella and is the only rapid method approved for use by the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP). Aviagen, has purchased several IGEN instruments and will deploy them at each of its North American sites.

'The selection of our ORIGEN systems by the leader of the large international poultry breeding industry, we believe, underscores the superior performance and value our PATHIGEN tests and instruments provide,' said Samuel J. Wohlstadter, IGEN's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. 'Our rapid, highly sensitive detection products are ideally suited to meet the diverse needs of the food production industry. We are continually pursuing new opportunities to build our customer base in the food processing market, and are pleased to meet Aviagen's demand for high-quality tests and instrumentation.'

Aviagen is the largest broiler breeding company in the world, supplying 47 percent of the market across more than 85 countries with Arbor Acres, Ross and LIR brands. As the leader in research and development, Aviagen delivers top quality poultry breeding stock backed by world-class technical and veterinary teams. Aviagen North America, headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, is responsible for production, sales and service in the U.S. and Canada.

Dr. A. Gregorio Rosales, Vice President of Veterinary Services, Aviagen Inc. stated, 'One of Aviagen's philosophies is to use the latest advances in technology to improve the quality of products and service. Thus we are enthusiastic about incorporating IGEN's PATHIGEN System for rapid detection of Salmonella in environmental samples. Furthermore, this novel system enhances our ability to meet the testing requirements established by the NPIP.'

IGEN's PATHIGEN Salmonella test method was approved by NPIP in June 2002. With this approval, PATHIGEN tests may be used to detect Salmonella contamination in live poultry. NPIP support for approval of the PATHIGEN Salmonella test method was based upon results that showed equal or enhanced sensitivity when compared to conventional non-rapid methods. The PATHIGEN method delivers results in approximately 48 hours offering the economic benefits of reduced testing time, labor and materials. Conventional, non- rapid methods involve incubation in petri dishes with results taking three to nine days. The NPIP is a Federal- State-Industry cooperative focused on controlling certain poultry diseases. Government participation is through the USDA and various state agriculture and veterinary agencies. Industry members include the breeding portion of the poultry industry.

IGEN develops and markets biological detection systems based on its proprietary ORIGEN technology, which provides a unique combination of sensitivity, reliability, speed and flexibility. ORIGEN-based systems are used in a wide variety of applications, including clinical diagnostics, pharmaceutical research and development, life science research, biodefense testing and testing for food safety and quality control. These systems are marketed globally by IGEN and its licensees and/or distributors. IGEN is based in Gaithersburg, Maryland with offices in San Diego, California and Witney, England.

IGEN, PATHIGEN and ORIGEN are registered trademarks of IGEN International, Inc.

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Posted on June 30, 2003

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