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QuickTox™ Kit for Aflatoxin, Now Available with a 10 ppb Cutoff

EnviroLogix Inc., the first company to offer a lateral flow test for mycotoxin screening in grain, has produced the easiest and simplest aflatoxin strip to screen corn at 10 ppb.

This test was created in response to the growing need for fast, accurate, easy-to-read results when screening bulk corn at even lower contamination thresholds. By eliminating the numerous steps and extra equipment necessary with other testing methods, grain movers, handlers, and processors will save time and reduce potential sources of error when a quick decision needs to be made.

The EnviroLogix QuickTox Kit for Aflatoxin at 10 ppb (Cat. No. AS 109) is designed for qualitative detection of aflatoxin in corn where rapid "yes/no" results are desired. This QuickTox test has a detection threshold of 10 ppb with a simple ethanol extraction—no filtration step or extra equipment is necessary. The user simply drops in a QuickTox strip, and if the sample contains less than 10 ppb of aflatoxin, two lines will develop on the test strip within 5 minutes. This simple, reliable screening test provides quick results in the field, at the elevator, terminals, processing plants and wherever convenience and speed are critical. When used in conjunction with the original QuickTox Kit for Aflatoxin at 20 ppb, the unique ability to use the same sample extract will facilitate quick characterization and segregation of incoming grain.

The QuickTox Kit for Aflatoxin 10 ppb contains strips and disposables for 50 tests.

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Posted on October 30, 2006