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New AgraStrip® Food Allergen Lateral Flow Test Kits

Romer labs have introduced the new AgraStrip® Allergen Test Kit range, a range of immunological rapid test in lateral flow format for the detection of allergens in food, rinse waters and environmental swabs. Lateral flow devices are a very fast and easy to use detection method. The AgraStrip® Allergen range are user-friendly test kits that allow on-site detection of multiple food allergens.

Cross contamination during the production process often occurs, so that residues of food allergens from different products may be present. 'Testing on-site at the manufacturing point of food is a need for hazard prevention and quality control' says Dr. Jacqueline Coutts, COO of Romer Labs UK Ltd., the Competence Center for Food Allergens. AgraStrip® Allergen Test Kits are easy to use, accurate, and affordable food allergen detection systems for ingredients, prepared foods, equipment and cleaning procedures.

Richard Fielder, Sales Director of Romer Labs UK Ltd. adds 'AgraStrip® tests will expand the possibilities for rapid on-site testing of food, environmental swabs and rinse waters. Results can be read in approximately 10 minutes which is critical in today's food production for the real-time decisions needed.'

'Intensive validation studies have shown very low detection limits of allergens for a variety of commodities. Together with the ease of use, these are unique properties for the AgraStrip® Allergen Kits compared to existing products on the market', says Elisabeth Halbmayr-Jech, Product Manager at Romer Labs Division Holding GmbH.

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Posted on March 9, 2011