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Romer Introduces Rapid and Chromatographic Analytical Methods for Melamine

Romer Labs® experts in food- and feed safety analysis, introduce new validations for its AgraQuant® Melamine ELISA.

The test kit has been proven to be a reliable screening method for melamine in feed and dairy products, including pet food, milk and milk-powder.

Furthermore the company launched a straight forward chromatographic method for the analysis of melamine using a MycoSep® 224 for sample purification. The method has been validated for dry and wet petfood commodities, glutens, milk powder, and baby formulas.

Romer Labs® full analytical service laboratories in the US, Singapore and Austria offer melamine testing for highly demanding customers on a global scale. These certified laboratories employ cutting edge technology such as LC-MS/MS.

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Posted on September 29, 2008